Great variety of Cincinnati classics and comfort food. Lots of options and substitutions in the form of sandwich, soup, and salad combinations.
Ryan Linneman via - Jan 17, 2019
Very fast & healthy takeout or sit down
Silver Ladle is one of my favorite restaurants in Anderson. It has 5+ soups ready to rock at all times. The mushroom soup is to DIE for! The salads & sandwiches are delicious and mix fresh ingredients with grilled meats and items. The Silver Ladle...More ... read more
Twinkie95 via - Jan 10, 2019
Best fries in Cincinnati! Good food, great value.
Wendy Bennett via - Jan 5, 2019
Good food. Quick service. Lots of variety. They also have an excellent kid's menu.
Monique Willoughby via - Jan 4, 2019
My wife and I go there on a regular basis. The food is always fresh. The chicken chili never disappoints. I'm glad to have this small Mom and Pop store here. Not a chain fan so I'm glad that this is really supporting the small business owner.
CJ Rushman via - Dec 17, 2018
Free cheese coneys on Sundays and delicious chili ... read more
Ben McClain via - Nov 27, 2018
I work in the area and love this place. Very friendly staff and chefs. Great business owner!
Dustin Bingham via - Nov 20, 2018
We always like the place. Lots of variety and decent prices.
R Hood via - Nov 16, 2018
One word: BROOKIE ... read more
Beth Solomon via - Nov 15, 2018
Fast service ... read more
Nikki P via - Nov 5, 2018
Great unknown food is good ... read more
Smalley Brandon via - Nov 4, 2018
My wife and I love this place. We typically eat two lunches during the week. Portions are plentiful and food is fresh and made on site.
CJ Rushman via - Oct 30, 2018
Great food and generous portions.
Lou Hozeska via - Oct 20, 2018
Food and service was great, will definitely come back.
Randy Mcgaha via - Oct 17, 2018
Silver Ladle Salad and black bean ...
Silver Ladle Salad and black bean soup are go to items. Salad is nicely dressed and black bean soup is hearty and spiced just right.
Ken W. via - Oct 15, 2018
Love the silver ladle salad ... read more
matthew gibson via - Oct 14, 2018
Food is 5 star, just wish they had put more effort into the dining area. Stark cement floor and uninviting metal chairs don't invite you to linger.
Michelle P via - Sep 30, 2018
Nice place the food is really good ...
Nice place the food is really good. They have a big menu of coneys sandwiches chili and lots of soups. The French onion soup is awesome and so is that roast beef sandwich. I went for the lunch combo with half sandwich and soup and it was great. The staff is friendly and helpful.
Seth G. via - Sep 28, 2018
Great Sandwiches and even better soup, and if you feel like a cold beer with your meal they have you covered!
John Cremering via - Sep 4, 2018
Great food send affordable.
Caleb Porter via - Sep 3, 2018
Good chili. I really do like their soup as well. I think I would be inclined to give 5 stars but for the ambiance. It doesn't feel like the right vibe for a soup place. When I think of soup I think cozy, homey, and warm. But Silver Ladle is kind if cold and industrial looking I think if they had a look that more closely matched the f ... read more
Michael Tacy via - Sep 3, 2018
Great service, food and menu options!
Ashley Wirth via - Aug 26, 2018
Love their black bean soup and dessert, good pricing and Uber eats delivery ... read more
James Day via - Aug 21, 2018
Place is the best.
Blake Byrd via - Aug 15, 2018
Extremely under rated! This place has amazing coneys and always been a great experience.
JEAr B via - Jun 27, 2018
I really loved this cute cafe. The menu is diverse and has food that will appeal to everyone if you go with a large group. The service is good and I had no problems with any of the servers.
Aurora Chandler via - Jun 26, 2018
Great prices for a lot of food ...
Great prices for a lot of food. It's hard to decide what to get with so many option. AND the place has a menu that is friendly for vegetarians and other dietary preferences. The staff is friendly and offers beyond the minimum.
Alf J. via - Jun 22, 2018
Jim McHugh via - Jun 15, 2018
Great place killer food ... read more
lotus badgley via - May 18, 2018
Wow, I just tried the Chicken chili, itโ€™s FABULOUS. They got the spices so right!!๐Ÿ˜ƒ ... read more
Debra Dattilo via - May 15, 2018
Soups are to die for!
Kristen Hess-Winters via - May 11, 2018
Great place. Good soup and sandwiches.
Steve Moss via - May 6, 2018
We grab Silver Ladle about once ...
We grab Silver Ladle about once a week for a week dinner. Cute little spot, take it orders are always on time and hot! We love their Club salad with grilled chicken, these salads are huge and enough to share. Reasonable prices too! Their fries are seriously some of the best, and great soup options!
Natalie M. via - May 1, 2018
My daughters love this place (uber eats), especially the salads, burgers and pulled pork. Today we
My daughters love this place (uber eats), especially the salads, burgers and pulled pork. Today we ate there and had the buffalo chicken soup, pulled pork, fries and the spring salad. Everything was well prepared, ingredients were fresh, the portions were generous and the place is really clean, welcoming and bright! Happy customers, ... read more
Sandy Dunphy via - Apr 21, 2018
Great food!!!
Meagan Leigh via - Apr 3, 2018
Mushroom sandwich is amazing!
Jr b via - Apr 1, 2018
I love the soups here. They have super affordable specials a few times a week. You also have the option to put your sandwiches on a pretzel bun! And they have a vegetarian Portobello Sammy that will knock your socks off ... read more
Victoria Crooker via - Mar 27, 2018
High quality food quickly. I can't escape the Buffalo Chicken Wing soup!
Mike Soto via - Mar 16, 2018
I eat lunch at the Downtown location often. My family wanted to try this place and I had no idea there was a location here. Great food as always. I love the chicken chili over greens.
Danny Spears via - Mar 16, 2018
It is rare for my family to find a restaurant where we are all happy- Silver Ladle is our go-to!
It is rare for my family to find a restaurant where we are all happy- Silver Ladle is our go-to!
Sarah Smith via - Mar 5, 2018
Yummy chicken chili, pleasant staff!
Melissa Ponchot via - Feb 28, 2018
This place is great. Amazing food. Wide selection of choices (. Reasonably priced. I love the chili. It's much better than the competitiors. I'd love if the hours were a little later, to get food after 8pm. The design of the restaurant is simple and modern. The staff is nice. There are coupons offered in local ads, for free/Buy one ... read more
Lee R via - Feb 28, 2018
Their barbeque is delicious and the people are great.
Carolyn Litteral via - Feb 19, 2018
Good sandwiches and salads. Nothing too exciting, but the food is good.
Brent Grimm via - Feb 14, 2018
Unappreciated, understated, but good food
ZERO curbside appeal, but customers familiar with it seem to visit it enough to keep it open. The food is good and the prices very reasonable. Clean, friendly, not a lot of energy and 'vibe' though.
essexofwessex via - Feb 4, 2018
Pretty good food and nice people. Burgers were tasty and the chicken chilli was a good version of Cinch chilli.
Scott Dunbar via - Feb 3, 2018
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